The Worry Period

Do you like to deal with anxiety? Me neither. However, it is very hard to reduce the underlying cause of stress and anxiety which is ‘worry’. For example, if you are concerned about a recent job loss it would be difficult to reduce the worry you would face in such a situation. After all, the situation is most definitely a serious one since it affects your ability to support yourself and your family. Does worrying about it truly help the situation? No, worrying about the situation is not going to help you at all. The worry can also drain all of your your energy resources and you really don’t want that. This does raise questions about how you can work on actually decreasing the anxiety you are dealing with.

 It is very hard to reduce the underlying cause of stress and anxiety which is 'worry'.

It is very hard to reduce the underlying cause of stress and anxiety which is ‘worry’.

First and foremost, it is definitely not a good idea to reach for prescription drugs. Yes, there are scores of prescriptions written everyday and many of these prescriptions are really not necessary. There are lots of natural strategies that can eliminate anxiety in a relatively easy manner. One of these unique methods of dealing with anxiety centers on creating a worry period for you to take time to deal with the stress.

The way the worry period works involves setting aside a specific amount of time per week solely for the purpose of worrying. You will use this specified time period exclusively for worrying. The rest of the week you will be devoid of all worry. When done successfully, this can reduce your stress and worry to a significant degree. By isolating woory into a single time of the week, you no longer have to deal with such stress for the rest of your week.

However, it is very important that you have realistic expectations about making a worry period work. Do not assume that the first week you employ a worry period you will see stress vanish. It will take time for the mind to discipline itself and for the results of using your worry period to properly develop. If you are looking for immediate results you will be disappointed. Things just don’t work that way when it comes to disciplining your mind. Your psyche will try to resist what you are trying to do. Just remember that it will take time and patience before using the worry period delivers results. If you stick with it you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

By David McDonough



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